We are the leader in GAMIFYING ENTERPRISE processes. Boost engagement and satisfaction with us.
Why gamification?
Gamification is getting more and more popular nowadays. The reason of that is simple - it works! It works because it leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for community, feedback, achievement and reward. When combined with the latest research on motivation and the big data generated by user interactions, gamification empowers businesses to create true loyalty.
It is about amplifying the effect of an existing, core experience by applying the motivational techniques that make games so engaging. When you gamify high-value interactions with customers, employees, and partners, you drive more sales, stronger collaboration, better ROI, deeper loyalty, higher customer satisfaction and more.
Gamification is built upon 10 primary game mechanics, proven to motivate and engage users, and may use any combination of these techniques to accomplish business goals.
0 % ENGAGEMENT Increase engagement
0 % PRODUCTIVITY Boost productivity
0 % FUN More fun!
Three keys to success
Win hearts and minds Emphasize benefits to the organization
Provide rewards Encourage adoption by providing meaningful rewards
Integrate technology Build gaming existing routines & rhythm of the workday
Game design elements
Game principles
Non-game context
Wow your employees and business partners!
Why our gamification framework?
Minimized cost
Minimized costs by utilizing existing infrastructure in your company
Natural adoption
Natural adoption by integration with toolchain used during daily routines
Flexibility, easy to gear a game towards specific business requirements